Karting has been creating bonds for over 60 years now. Besides being fun, this sport is relatively easy to get into, and the associated costs are manageable. But that does not mean you can run off and get your kid any go-cart. There are so many karting classes with a lot of options within them. That’s why you need to read this post before pulling the trigger on that purchase.

Kids Class: 5-7 Years Old

Often called ‘baby karts’, this class comes packing a tiny 50cc 2-stroke engine, similar to a chainsaw motor. This class sits at the bottom of the karting chain and is usually the first chance kids get to ride a go-kart. Still, you might want to check your local series to see the most popular engines before buying. While you won’t see this class in a live stream on https://au.unibet.tv/, only a few things will bring the wholesome thrill that comes with watching your kid race in this class.

Junior Class: 7-12 Years Old

This category features a 60cc engine which is capable of 50mph. It is also the most popular class, with people in their 30s crashing into the party. And that usually means the level of competition is pretty high. The chassis choices are fewer than those in the kid’s class, but there are enough options to confuse a beginner. So you might want to ask for recommendations from your club members. The last thing you want is to get a kart that undermines your chances of winning.

Senior Class: 16+

This class is where every kart driver wants to be. It features 125cc engines, full-size carts and options for people on any budget. This class is furiously competitive as most of the drivers have some experience. That, combined with the acceptable speeds of 65mph, makes this class fun to drive and watch as well.